Conector 510 Reset V2 22 x 1.5mm - Reset Mods
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After Reset V1, we present to you by RESET MODS, the new RESET V2 head with the same qualities and magnificent conductivity as the previous one, making it the best 510 head on the market. This new head eliminates o-ring and adds a metal-to-metal thread function, thus eliminating the connection against the insulator and greatly improving its wear and life time. A new version that improves in all aspects to stay as the best head, to customize and improve your mod, on the market.
Cabezal 510 - Ontech RD
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Cabezal 510 – Ontech RD. El cabezal tiene dos tóricas superiores de protección para que no se raye con el atomizador, al mismo tiempo contienen las fugas de líquido. Se regula a mano por arriba.